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Zindagi Ki Mehek (English: Essence of Life) is an Indian Hindi cleanser musical drama TV arrangement, which circulated on September 19, 2016 on Zee TV.
The tale of the show is set in Delhi and portrays the voyage of a homemaker Mehek[3] and her enthusiasm for cooking. Mehek meets top culinary expert Shaurya and keeping in mind that their cooking styles conflict, they experience passionate feelings for.
Shaurya Khanna is a rich and well off restaurateur in Delhi while Mehek Sharma is a low on certainty working class young lady. Cooking is her side interest and enthusiasm which she acquired from her dead mother. Mehek and Shaurya meet at a cooking rivalry that Shaurya is judging. Through her cooking, Mehek achieves consideration and significance that enormously satisfies her to-be spouse Ajay and his materialistic family. In the interim, Shaurya affronts her all through the shooting of the show prompting a moment that Mehek is openly embarrassed and slaps Shaurya. He understands his misstep and apologizes to her which she at last acknowledges.
Mehek consents to wed Ajay. Mehek's cousin Nehal has a mystery illicit relationship with Ajay. Ajay rejects Nehal and debilitates her making her endeavor suicide however she is spared by Shaurya. Shaurya traps Ajay into uncovering the issue himself therefore prompting the wedding being canceled. Shaurya and Mehek create affections for each other. Shaurya's mom Karuna fixes their marriage yet Shaurya must substantiate himself to her family which he does. On their big day, Mehek is stunned to find he has traveled to another country to advance his new eatery and has taken her formulas and their licenses with him. It is uncovered that Shaurya was arranging his requital on Mehek this while.
Mehek chooses to live in the Khanna family to influence Shaurya to understand his affection for her. Shaurya helps Mehek's closest companion Sonal abscond with Mehek's sibling Mohit. Mohit's dad endures a heart assault and the Sharmas point the finger at Shaurya. In an attack of fury, Mehek's dad vandalizes Shaurya's eatery and in striking back Shaurya gets their shops bulldozed. This leads Mehek to at long last surrender and leave Shaurya. Mehek's ex Ajay and Sonal's ex Rohit steal Mehek and endeavor to assault her. Shaurya spares her at the last possible second yet Mehek endures genuine wounds. Her family points the finger at Shaurya and take Mehek away. At long last, the Sharmas acknowledge Shaurya.
Prior to their big day, Shaurya arranges security for Mehek however the central officer has an association with a dim mystery from Shaurya's past. Just before their wedding, he uncovers to Shaurya that 12 years prior, as a tyke, Shaurya caused an auto crash and the couple executed were Mehek's folks. A stunned Shaurya endeavors to tell the truth to Mehek yet the function proceeds and they are hitched. Tragically, Mehek discovers reality and trusts Shaurya misdirected her. She is infuriated however claims to be joyfully hitched for her family. At the point when the Sharmas at long last discover, they choose to revive the case and Karuna is captured. At last errors between the families are cleared up.
Rishikesh Track 
On their wedding trip in Rishikesh, Mehek witnesses a murder submitted by Archie. Archie assaults Mehek and she is assumed dead in a suffocating mishap. Multi year later Shaurya comes back to Rishikesh and keeps running into Vandana who looks precisely like Mehek yet doesn't recall him. He can bring her memory back and Archie is murdered. Mehek and Shaurya embrace the youthful Neev and return home.
Psychological oppressor Attack TrackNehal is pregnant with Shaurya's sibling Vicky's tyke so the families choose to get them wedded. Amid a visit to the shopping center, there is a psychological oppressor assault and Shaurya is kidnapped. The fear monger puts on a show to be Shaurya and goes into the Khanna House. Neev finds this however his throat is opening abandoning him unfit to talk. Mehek spares the day yet her family is being coerced to plant a bomb yet they vanquish the psychological militants.
Anjali's Track 
Karun's ill-conceived little girl Anjali (Aanchal Khurana)[4] enters their lives and makes misconceptions amongst Mehek and Karuna. She gets Karuna to toss Mehek and Shaurya out of the house. Karuna names Anjali as the sole beneficiary to her property yet when Mehek declares her pregnancy, Karuna invites them back to the family. In the end, Anjali's fact is uncovered and she is sent to imprison where she meets Shaurya's close relative Svetlana. They choose to break out of jail however Anjali is slaughtered and Svetlana imagines that she was keeping Anjali's escape. She is sans set and returns home putting on a show to be visually impaired. In a progression of occasions, Svetlana's reprisal appears as she sets off a bomb at the Khanna house executing all the Khannas and Sharmas. At last, she shoots Mehek and Shaurya who promise to come back to finish their story before passing on.

Shaurya and Mehek are reborn[6]. Mehek is destined to a poor family unit where her dad detests her being a young lady. Then again, Shaurya is naturally introduced to a rich family. Mehek develops to end up a spitfire who is intense and courageous and effortlessly gets battles. Shaurya is rehearsing to end up a boxer as his dad trusts his child will multi day win the gold award. Both Shaurya and Mehek are spooky by dreams of their past life.

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