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The story initially focussed on the lives of Parth (Siddharth Shukla) and Shorvori (Rashami Desai), a cheerfully wedded couple, which changes after the passage of Teni (Jasmin Bhasin), a youthful bubbly young lady, who chooses to wind up a surrogate mother to their youngster. The Story later managed the Love Triangle of Parth (Rohan Gandotra), Teni (Jasmin Bhasin) and Iqbal (Mohammed Iqbal Khan).
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Parth Bhanushali (Siddharth Shukla), the grandson and beneficiary to the traditionalist and princely Bhanushali family begins to look all starry eyed at their worker, the Bengal-based excellent Shorvori (Rashami Desai), and weds her, regardless of dismissal by and resulting detachment from their family.
 After two years, Shorvori gets pregnant and is acknowledged by Parth's family. In any case, a terrible mishap brings about an unnatural birth cycle, rendering Shorvori fruitless. Parth and Shorvori keep the unsuccessful labor avoided the family, not having any desire to demolish their satisfaction and happiness. At that point enters their lives, Teni (Jasmin Bhasin), a cheerful active vivacious bubbly Gujarati young lady whom Parth and Shorvori select for surrogacy, consequently of their guarantee to satisfy Teni's fantasy of going to America. Teni gets pregnant with Parth and Shorvori's kid through IVF.
Shorvori acquaints Teni as her cousin with the family as she lives in Bhanushali house. Parth's auntie Poyni (Urvashi Upadhyay) with her little girl Sejal (Himani Sharma) question that Teni is concealing something and to be not identified with Shorvori, given her ways and Gujarati vernacular. Sejal attempts to criticize Teni before the family yet futile. Afterward, the family organizes Teni's commitment, yet she figures out how to cancel it, declaring that she is as of now in an association with Parth's companion, Aman (Kunal Verma). Aman originates from the US on Dadaji's (Tej Sapru) request to get the circumstance clear yet winds up going gaga for Teni at first sight and proposes marriage to Teni.
Teni concurs, to satisfy her craving to get settled in America and carry on with a fiscally secure existence with her darling, Aman. Parth's family directs a custom for his and Shorvori's imminent tyke's welfare however on Shorvori's request, Teni sits in the puja with Parth as she is bearing the youngster.
Teni falters in her choice to wed Aman as she begins becoming hopelessly enamored with Parth, the affection that she understands as her looming marriage with Aman approaches, however chooses to wed Aman for his, Parth and Shovori's purpose. Teni anyway winds up admitting her sentiments to Parth as he mulls over uncovering everything to Shorvori. In the interim, Bhanushali family is in unrest following the disclosures seeing Teni's pregnancy as Parth acknowledges the child to be his! Aman is even compelled to break all ties with her and he leaves her life.
 Be that as it may, when Shorvori come to Parth and Teni's protection, Dadaji goes to the stunning choice of banishing the trio from the family. However, on becoming more acquainted with of the surrogacy truth, the family inevitably pardons Parth, Shorvori and Teni as they are again invited in the Bhanushali family.
Parth-Shorvori alongside the whole Bhanushali family try harder to deal with Teni and the viewpoint kid. Be that as it may, Indu (Vaishnavi Mahant), Parth's mom, begins reprimanding Shorvori,for lying about her pregnancy to the family. Shorvori feels troubled and goes ahead to misjudge Parth's developing association with Teni after seeing Parth and Teni of every couple of arbitrary circumstances. Shorvori makes a stern demand, following which Parth avoids Teni and even declines to converse with her. Presently with the two individuals nearest to her acting removed and detached, Teni feels dismissed and cooperates with Parth ragarding the issue as Shorvori strolls in and spotting them together, she lashes out at Parth for breaking his guarantee and blames him for undermining her and takes the uncommon choice of going out, finishing her association with Parth. Afterward, Teni becomes acquainted with that Shorvori has mind tumor and will kick the bucket soon. She simply imagined as though she misconstrued Parth and Teni to procure their contempt.
 She precludes Teni from advising Parth about her condition and needs Teni to be the lady for Parth after her passing. Shorvori proceeds with her dramatization to influence Parth and relatives to detest her, yet futile. Teni chooses to enable her to out in her dramatization as at long last, Shorvori sends legal documents to Parth and even gets him captured for one night.
The family betrays Shorvori as they currently trust that Parth ought to overlook Shorvori and wed Teni instead.The whole family bolsters Teni when she chooses to go out with the unborn tyke as Parth had declined her proposition to be engaged. Parth starts to speculate Shorvori's actual expectations and requests that Teni make Shorvori sign the legal documents in his essence as a condition for wedding Teni. Shorvori calls Teni talk in private, yet meets with a mischance as her auto's brakes come up short and it collides with a tree. Teni witnesses the mischance however neglects to save Shorvori as the auto goes up on fire, executing Shorvori!
Teni educates Parth and the family that Shorvori is dead, much to their stun. Parth distrusts her, yet is grief stricken on observing the dead body in the healing center.
 While the relatives regret Shorvori's demise, Parth battles to adapt to the torment of losing her. Teni, after Shorvori's desire, together with the family, at last persuades Parth to proceed onward for his and Shorvori's unborn youngster, be that as it may, declines to wed Teni. On observing the mischance video of Shorvori on Teni's telephone, Parth blames her for killing Shorvori and attempts to get her captured, without listening Teni's clarification.
 In any case, Dadaji agrees with Teni's position and spares her. From that point, Teni, after another warmed contention with Parth, has work torment as in only 7 months, she brings forth an infant young lady (whom Teni later names the infant as Ipshita, according to late Shorvori's desire, from Parth's 'P',Shorvori's 'S' and Teni's 'T'). After her conveyance, Teni's life is in question, yet Parth gives blood to her, sparing her life; and consequently, Teni, after Parth's request, goes out and again settles in her state, where she begins her providing food business.
Then, Parth's sister, Jagruti's (Gouri Agarwal) ex-life partner, Rishabh (Mayank Arora) for delivering his retribution from Parth (Rohan Gandotra supplanted the Siddharth Shukla) to uncover his actual expectation to snatch Bhanushali's riches by wedding Jagruti, abducts the infant Ipshita from the naming function in camouflage.
 Parth presumes Teni to be behind Ipshita's capturing, however alongside Teni, soon behinds out Risabh to be the one answerable. Parth and Teni track him down and beat him up, notwithstanding, he reveals to them that he sold Ipshita to Madamji (Kanika Maheshwari), an awful trafficker, whom Teni knows as she used to work for her. Teni endeavors to protect Ipshita by rejoining Madamji's move bar, in the wake of being excused by her and searches for Ipshita there lastly discovers her. Be that as it may, she needs to return to her move execution, as Parth comes and is bolted up by Madamji's goons. Teni turns off the lights and together with Parth and Ipshita flees, protecting them. Madam ji gets frantic at Teni for deceiving her and follows them with her goons yet Parth figures out how to get them captured, with their violations being recorded in his government agent pen.
  Madamji, nonetheless, shoots Parth in the arm as he at that point at long last understands that Teni can never execute Shorvori and brings her back home, in the wake of apologizing to her. Teni pardons him and leaves for her province. Parth feels crushed at Teni's flight and understands that he is enamored with Teni yet is frightened on the off chance that it will influence their companionship.
On new year's event, Parth turns into Teni's accomplice in a couple move execution in an opposition held in Teni's province and they win. Teni chooses to go to America and requests that Parth come to enable her to get her visa. Parth turns out to be extremely dismal lastly admits his adoration for Teni and proposes her to wed him which she cheerfully acknowledges. The entire family gets ready for their wedding according to custom.
 It is currently uncovered that Shorvori is alive and had been in unconsciousness for 3 months. She comes back to the house to recover Parth upon the arrival of his wedding with Teni, however gets enthusiastic on observing Parth wedding Teni and leaves the scene. A more unusual offers to drop her, however is smashed and begins getting out of hand with her after she gets in the auto. This occurrence is recorded in a CCTV camera and is appeared in the news. Parth and Teni, on observing this, choose to go to Nainital where they become acquainted with Shorvori may remain.
In Nainital, Shorvori lands the position of a music educator. Parth and Teni endeavor to discover her there however futile. Shorvori anyway spots them and stows away, needing Parth to be as one with Teni, who yielded as long as she can remember for him. Teni, then again, begins believing that Parth and Shorvori are intended to be with each other and chooses to rejoin them. Parth at that point reasons that he was envisioning Shorvori this while and says sorry to learn in light of the fact that he disturbed her so much and stretched out their stay to invest energy with her. Parth culminates his marriage with Teni, pronouncing their affection.
 The following day they at long last go over Shorvori in a neighborhood sanctuary fortuitously. Be that as it may, Shorvori lies about her personality and attempts to dodge them. A decided Parth at that point challenges her to swear on his name and acknowledge her actual personality. Parth at that point ties both the wedding rings and chooses that whosoever will unfasten to begin with, Parth will live with her. Teni appeals to God for Shorvori's band to open first. Both of the groups pad and fall on the ground. Parth, Teni, Shorvori and Ipshita arrive home and the family is amazed to see Shorvori. Parth advises Teni to take Shorvori to the room. Teni takes her to Parth's and her room. There Shorvori sees pictures of Teni and Parth.

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