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Ye Hai Mohabbatein (lit. This is love) is an Indian cleanser musical show which initially disclosed on StarPlus on 3 December 2013.It was made by Ekta Kapoor and Shobha Kapoor and created by their generation organization Balaji Telefilms. The show stars Divyanka Tripathi and Karan Patel in lead parts.
The story is incompletely in view of Manju Kapur's novel, Custody. Set in Delhi, the show takes after the romantic tale of Tamil dental specialist Dr. Ishita Iyer and Punjabi CEO Raman Kumar Bhalla. Ishita is fruitless and turns out to be sincerely joined to Raman's little girl, Ruhi, who lives with her separated from father. Raman's ex, Shagun, lives with her sweetheart, Ashok Khanna and her child Aditya(Adi). Shagun left Ruhi with Raman when she was as yet a child. Because of conditions, Raman and Ishita wed each other. At that point go gaga for each other madly.The show has won in excess of 50 grants.
The show took a seven-year jump in April 2016 took after by a one-year jump in November 2016 and a two-year jump in November 2017. On 9 December 2016 the show finished its 1,000th episode.[needs update] It has recorded at a few remote areas including Australia, Budapest and London.Its schedule opening has shifted throughout the years first airing at 11:00 PM then at 7:30 PM and at present at 10:30 PM IST. In the UK, in any case, it stayed at 7:30PM BST opening since its beginning, as it has topped the UK appraisals over the years. The show finished 1,500 scenes on 13 June 2018.
This is a sentimental cleanser musical show around two unique individuals and how their lives are connected by their girl at begin lastly how they become hopelessly enamored with each other frantically.
Tamil dental practitioner Ishita Vishwanathan Iyer and Punjabi representative Raman Kumar Bhalla live in Delhi with their folks. Ishita, who is fruitless, shapes a nurturing bond with Raman's agitated little girl, Ruhi. To keep Raman's not well intentioned ex, Shagun, from taking care of the young lady, Ishita and Raman get hitched and build up a profound bond.
Ashok, Raman's previous supervisor and the-then sweetheart of Shagun, coordinates a plot to stigmatize Ishita's cousin, Mihika, and make her his better half. Throw away, Shagun looks for shelter for herself and her child, Aditya (Adi), at the Bhalla family unit, where she plots against Ishita to recover Raman. In any case, Ishita and Raman just develop nearer and Shagun is tossed out of the house. She hijacks Ruhi and Aditya, and Ishita dangers her life to spare the kids. The demonstration makes Shagun reevaluate herself and turn her life around. Raman's sibling Romi is informed that his ex Sarika had his kid and persuades her to wed him.
Ashok is uncovered to be a sex guilty party and his marriage with Mihika closes in separate. Ishita can end up pregnant with Raman's youngster, however endures an unsuccessful labor when Ashok attempts to execute the whole family. The couple choose to attempt again with a changed Shagun going about as their surrogate. In any case, there are challenges in the family unit as Ashok has a government agent among them, which ends up being Sarika; the kid she guaranteed to be Romi's was received.
Ishita finds the genuine guardians of the "vagrant" yet inadvertently executes the dad and is sentenced for kill. Raman is persuaded to wed Nidhi, a resistance attorney, to spare Ishita. Whenever Raman and Ishita's kid Pihu was conceived, Nidhi captures the infant. As Ishita endeavors to save Pihu, Nidhi likewise seizes Ruhi and fakes their passings. Frustrated over the misfortune, Raman ousts Ishita from the house. Before he can rectify his error, Ishita endeavors suicide, leaving everybody to think she is dead, while she was really spared by her companion Mani.
After seven years

Subsequent to living in Australia with Mani, Ishita comes back to India and meets Raman, who feels sold out that she lived far from him for such a significant number of years. Ishita and Raman discover that Ruhi is alive and living as pop star Ruhaan. Keeping in mind the end goal to win her back, they retouch their relationship.
 This disillusions Pihu, who trusts that Raman and Shagun are her folks. Raman and Ishita get Shagun and Mani wedded, however thereafter, Shagun turns Pihu defiant.
Adi and Aliya (Mani's niece) begin to look all starry eyed at. Ishita and Raman get remarried. After Pihu discovers that Ishita is her genuine mother, Mani and Shagun choose to leave the nation with her. Raman urgently runs with them, with expectations of neutralizing Shagun's impact.
Multi year later
Shagun, Mani, Aliya and Pihu have been living in Bangkok, Thailand with Raman remaining close-by to watch out for Pihu. Ruhi discloses to Pihu the penances that Ishita made for her, driving Pihu to acknowledge Ishita as her mom. Blue, Shagun comes back to India.
After a man endeavors to coerce Ruhi, Ishita handles the circumstance while Raman goes wild. Annoyed with Raman's outrage issues, Ishita leaves with Pihu and lives with Shagun, who is pregnant with Mani's kid. Nidhi slaughters Ishita's sister, Vandita, and Raman is accused of the wrongdoing. Ishita demonstrates his blamelessness and has Nidhi captured. Subsequently, Adi and Aliya get hitched.
Mani is assumed dead in a mishap and Raman is wrongfully charged once more. His honesty is demonstrated when it is uncovered that Mani is alive. Ruhi moves toward becoming companions with Pihu's companion, Riya, and creates affections for Riya's dad, Nikhil. As Nikhil's real nature are uncovered, Ishita and Raman battle as Ruhi goes gaga for the wrong individual.
Pihu pushes her cousin Ananya down a staircase in a lethal mishap. Ananya kicks the bucket, Raman's sister, Simmi, the mother of Ananya, is insulted and requests equity. To secure Pihu, Ishita makes a false admission and is condemned to life detainment, while a doubting Raman is left grief stricken. Obscure to Raman, Ashok later revives the case, demonstrating Ishita's guiltlessness.
After two years
A broken Bhalla family visits Budapest, Hungary for an excursion for work, where they fall into a trap set by Simmi and Param, Ananya's folks. Adi is attempting to spare his marriage as Aliya builds up a betting compulsion. Pihu has been placed in a life experience school where Simmi torments her. Raman's despondency is misused with medicate mishandle, to the point where he has overlooked his family and enabled Param to assume control over his organization. Ishita arrives, supported by Ashok, who has changed in the wake of being determined to have terminal growth.
Back in Delhi, Ishita endeavors to enable Raman to recover his recollections. Pihu is abducted by Nikhil, who is working with Simmi and Param, and Ishita winds up deadened in the resulting strife. The pressure makes Raman have a seizure and Simmi persuades the family that Ishita is the wellspring of the pressure. Ishita is cautioned to remain away or Raman could bite the dust.
Simmi outlines Aliya for the murder of a cash loan specialist, with a specific end goal to drive Ishita to sign legal documents. With Mihika's assistance, Ishita massacres Simmi and Param, who are removed from the family. Ishita is invited once again into the family.
It is uncovered that Ruhi was attacked by Nikhil, yet kept quiet because of Simmi's dangers. Ishita gets Nikhil captured and Raman recalls that Ruhi is his girl. Simmi, still wrathful, shoots Ishita. Ishita is taken to the healing facility, where Raman is persuaded he shot her. Ishita ends up visually impaired and Raman needs to be sent to a refuge, as he supposes he is a threat. Ashok bites the dust by sparing Ishita who recuperates.
A cheerful Raman chooses to take Ishita on an outing to London where Romi, Adi, Shagun and Aliya additionally touched base for their different reasons and they all meet Roshni there. A mysterious lady named Sonakshi Gupta in London who might be a soul seems to have Ishita. Then, Adi begins to feel for Roshni. Be that as it may, soon in India, the same unknown woman takes after Ishita and amid an experience with her, Ishita looks for reality. All arranging and plotting of that woman arrived at a grievous end when Ishita catches her.

A stunning truth came into light when the lady told that she isn't a soul and not Sonakshi Gupta but rather she is, Aarushi, the twin sister of Sonakshi. She likewise uncovers that Sonakshi conferred suicide in light of Raman's illicit enrollment business of which Sonakshi had fallen a prey to. Aarushi needed to render the retribution of her sister Sonakshi's passing from Raman.
Afterward, Ishita comes to realize that the driving force behind this is Kiran (Raman's business accomplice) and through Kiran, they come to realize that Suraj (Ashok's sibling) is behind this. In the interim, Adi is fixated in the adoration for Roshni. Adi and Aliya's relationship turns out to be more terrible. Afterward, Ruhi advises Ishita that Adi is the genuine genius who is doing misrepresentation business with Suraj.
In the interim, Simmi comes to think about Ananya's demise's riddle while Ishita were talking about. Adi powers Aliya.

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